Utility Management Solutions

UMS has over 15 years of experience, fully wireless and remotely-read submetering systems, and a responsive team. We can increase NOI and drive the onboarding process because we specialize in resident billing, expense management, vacant cost recovery, water submetering, gas submetering, and electric submetering. UMS provides top utility billing service to multi-family, mixed-use, and manufactured housing communities looking to reduce utility costs and increase revenue.

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Services For Your Business

Resident Billing

We provide accurate billing, an intuitive resident portal, and a knowledgeable call center staff based 100% in Minnesota. That means your tenants can expect a friendly and efficient experience and you can direct residents to us with confidence. We interface with the popular property management softwares and pride ourselves in delivering a seamless onboarding process for you and your residents.

Water Submetering

We specialize in comprehensive water submetering solutions for various plumbing setups, ranging from point of use solutions for stacked riser designs to standard 3/4″ full capture meters for buildings with hot water heaters in each unit or a central boiler. Our advanced wireless submetering solutions ensure a seamless and cost-effective solution for all your water submetering needs.

Expense Management

We partner with Cass, America’s leading utility bill processing and payment provider, to collect and pay your utility bills quickly and reliably. Trust us to make on-time bill payments and reduce late fee costs. That means less stress and more time to focus on your other tasks. It’s time to breathe easy. Take advantage of our Expense Management service and start saving time and money today.

Gas Submetering

Our gas submeters are compact and can be easily installed indoors or outdoors to meet your building requirements. Our meters communicate over Wi-Fi to provide a cost-effective and technologically advanced gas submetering system for your building. Our gas meters measure the volume of gas consumed by each unit so residents pay for their individually metered consumption.

Vacant Cost Recovery

There’s a lot happening during the resident moving process and sometimes they forget to put utilities in their name or take them out prematurely. With Vacant Cost Recovery, a part of our Expense Management service, we constantly monitor the transfer of utilities into, and out of, the resident’s name. When we catch a mistake, we generate a resident invoice and ensure the property recovers those charges. 

Electric Submetering

Our electric submeters are robust and communicate over Wi-Fi to provide a reliable and cost-effective electric submetering system for your building. Our flush-mount and surface-mount panels can be installed at the breaker panel in each unit or our preassembled and preprogrammed Multiple Meter Units (MMUs) can be installed at central distribution panels.

The UMS Advantage

UMS has been serving the multifamily housing industry for over 15 years. We handle all types of installations and excel at maintaining submetering systems long after installation is complete. Our onboarding process is reliable, and we always provide personalized training and a dedicated agent to support your team. Join the thousands of others who trust UMS to meet their resident billing, bill payment, and submetering needs.

Mid Continent Management Corp

“I have enjoyed working with UMS for over 10 years. I have implemented RUBS programs and individually metered programs in multifamily units in the Twins Cities metro area and in the Dallas metroplex. Their sales and account support team are very responsive, and their website makes reporting and high level (C-Suite) monitoring of a large portfolio an easy task. I highly recommend UMS for any utility billing program!”

— Angie French, Vice President

Skyline Real Estate Services LLC

“UMS has been great! We onboarded 8 properties in a short time, and they made the onboarding process easy. Their staff is knowledgeable and helpful in answering any questions our managers or tenants have.”

— Rosa Mujica, Portfolio Manager

NorthStar Management & Consulting, Inc

“Our company has worked with UMS for several years and they are our company of choice for third party billing. They are quick to reply to any questions or concerns and their onboarding is seamless. I would highly recommend them.”

— Ramona Meyer, President

Riverton Community Housing

“Since working with UMS, our water usage has been reduced by up to 49% year over year and up to 90% of the cost eliminated. Furthermore, UMS has provided consistent and exceptional after sales service.”

— Gary Ellis, Executive Director

Northgate Apartments

We work closely with UMS to control our water costs. UMS was the perfect match in regards to technology and install flexibility that allowed a water submeter install even though we have multiple points of entry into each unit. I would recommend UMS to anyone.

— George Neel, Owner

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