Case Studies

Conservation Effects of Utility Billing

As utility rates continue to rise, conservation becomes increasingly essential. Billing tenants for their usage, whether you use submetering or RUBS, is a great way to increase NOI while promoting conservation. It just makes sense that you’re more conscious about running toilets and leaving the fridge open when you’re paying for it.

Submetering savings have proven to persist over time as demonstrated in a number of studies. To confirm this for ourselves, we tracked water usage before and after a submeter installation at several properties who had contacted us looking for a solution to their high utility bills.

    Two Case Studies: Installation of a Water Submetering System

    New Construction in Southeast Florida

    Building Type: 12 Stories, 306 Units

    Problem: New construction in Southeast Florida needed to capture water usage for a multi-family apartment.

    Solution: Installed water meters to fully capture water usage and bill tenants fairly for their metered usage.


    • On-time and on-budget meter installation for 306 units
    • Assisted property with Water Remetering Licensure in Miami Dade County
    • Property utilizes UMS billing service for accurate and reliable invoicing and customer service to residents
    • UMS integrates with property management software to seamlessly post utility charges directly to resident ledgers
    • Estimated 30% savings on water/sewer charges

    Existing Building in Central Minnesota

    Building Type: 4 Story, 180 Units

    Problem: Very high water & sewer costs

    Solution: Installed water submetering system and worked with property management to educate tenants and catch running toilets.


    • On-time and on-budget meter installation for 180 units
    • Numerous leaking toilets reported and repaired
    • 49% year-after-year sustained reduction in water use
    • Saving over 7 million gallons of water per year
    • Payback of 11 months

    Since working with UMS, our water usage has been reduced by up to 49% year over year and up to 90% of the cost eliminated. Furthermore, UMS has provided consistent and exceptional after sales service

    Gary Ellis, Executive Director