Why Us?

Top Customer Service and Smooth Onboarding

UMS has been serving the multifamily housing industry for over 15 years. We handle all types of submetering installations and maintenance, offer a smooth and timely onboarding process, and provide you with a dedicated representative for each property. We also offer additional services such as expense management, vacant cost recovery, and leak detection to improve net operating income.

Customer Service

  • Our contact center is 100% Minnesota-based.
  • Our contact center is strategically staffed to target a no-hold-time experience for callers. If we experience exceptionally large call volume, callers have the option to remain on the phone or hold their spot in line and automatically receive a call back.
  • We include our contact info on all our communications to direct all utility billing related questions to us, so your team can focus on other things.
  • We integrate or work with all different property management softwares to offer a streamlined experience for property managers and residents.
  • Our technology and processes are scalable and flexible which allows us to change and grow with you.
Utility Billing

UMS provides accurate billing and collection services for multifamily housing, manufactured housing, and mixed use properties. Our services include:

  • Metered or RUBS billing
  • Monthly invoices (mail or eBill)
  • Online Manager and Resident Portal
  • UMS collections or Property collections
Submetering Solutions

UMS provides reliable and cost-effective submetering technologically for an accurate (and fully automated!) submetering solution for your property. Follow the links below to learn more about our submetering solutions:

Equipment Maintenance

We service all major brands and types of submeters and submeter equipment. Our ability to monitor, repair, or replace equipment is unmatched and a top reason why properties switch to UMS billing from other billing companies.

Leak Detection

Running toilets can be very expensive and often go unreported by residents. Our LeakDetect™ service provides automated monitoring and reporting. An email alert is sent to the email addresses on file when a running toilet is detected so property maintenance can quickly correct the issue.

  • Catches running toilets before the resident is surprised with a large bill.
  • Detects leaks in occupied and vacant units.
  • Saves the property money in the event the resident disputes the large bill and the property decides to credit the resident and absorb the cost.
  • Email alerts are automatically emailed to the designated recipients detailing the unit, usage, and duration of the running toilet.

Submetering Experience

  • We install the majority of submetering technologies and wireless communication systems.
  • Our metering solutions work together to create a reliable, cost-effective, and automated submetering solution for water, gas, and electric.
  • UMS offers flexibility of install and billing plans to fit your needs.

Company Values

  • We hold ourselves to the highest standard of timely and accurate billing.
  • We promise to work hard and with integrity in all that we do.
  • We value conservation to promote a healthy environment and lower utility charges to properties and residents.

Why Choose UMS?

Superior customer service

Meter Install and Maintenance

On-time and accurate resident billing

Smooth Onboarding and Integration

Inovonics is an industry leader for submetering equipment, so we’re proud to have the distinction of being named an AuthorizedPlus Partner. That means we have undergone extensive training and testing to validate our expertise in installing and maintaining Inovonics submetering systems.

“We work closely with UMS to control our water costs. UMS was the perfect match in regards to technology and install flexibility that allowed a water submeter install even though we have multiple points of entry into each unit. I would recommend UMS to anyone.”

George Neel, Apartment Owner