Resident Billing

Resident billing that meets your needs

UMS offers a wide range of billing options that can be customized to meet the needs of each property. We can pay your utility bills, invoice tenants, collect payments, and issue a monthly reimbursement. Or, if the property prefers to collect payments, we can export the utility charges we generate directly to resident ledgers within the property management software. We are fully integrated with all the major property management softwares and specialize in all aspects of Ratio Utility Billing Systems (RUBS) and submetering systems.

    • Submetering involves installing additional meters, called submeters, behind the master meter to measure the usage for each individual unit within a property. The “sub-“ prefix means the meter is “under” or “below” the main meter and therefore measuring usage further down the line. Submetering allows tenants to be billed for their individual consumption and results in lower utility usage since tenants are aware of, and responsible for, their consumption – and only their consumption. This creates a direct correlation between tenant usage and tenant charges and therefore a financial motivation for tenants to reduce their utility usage. This system provides an accurate and precise way to bill tenants for their utility usage. If your property is a new construction, UMS can install a fully wireless (and remotely read) submetering system. We also work with existing properties to install retrofits or connect to existing submetering systems.

    • Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS) is a billing method used by landlords to allocate utility costs to tenants based on an allocation factor when there is no submetering system. This factor could be based on the number of occupants, square footage, a combination of square footage and occupancy, or equally to all units. Individual submeters for each unit are not required since the total utility charges for the building are simply allocated back to tenants. This system provides an accurate way to bill tenants for their utility usage but lacks the precision to bill tenants for their individual consumption.


    • Water Submeter Installation
    • Gas Submeter Installation
    • Electric Submeter Installation
    • Remote Submeter Reading
    • Fully Wireless Submetering
    • Running Toilet Detection

    Tenant Billing

    • 100% US-Based Contact Center
    • Intuitive Resident Portal
    • Accurate Tenant Invoicing
    • UMS Collections
    • Property Collections
    • Integrated with PM Softwares

    Expense Management

    • Bill Payment Services
    • Vacant Cost Recovery
    • Save Time & Reduce Late Fees
    • Increase Net Operating Income
    • Up to 100% Recovery with RUBS
    • Review Utility Bills for Max Recovery

    The UMS Advantage

    UMS has been serving the multifamily housing industry for over 15 years. We handle all types of installations and excel at maintaining submetering systems long after installation is complete. Our onboarding process is reliable and we always provide personalized training and a dedicated agent to support your team. Join the thousands of others who trust UMS to meet their resident billing, bill payment, and submetering needs.

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