Water Submetering

Metering Tenant Water usage

UMS offers water submetering solutions for every plumbing type. Our Full Capture solution is a great option for buildings with a central boiler or hot water heater in each unit, our Point of Use solution is designed for buildings with stacked riser with multiple entry points, and our Commercial solution provides metering for high volume water consumpion. We offer a solution for every water submetering need.

Full Capture Solutions

  • We offer a number of solutions using 3/4″ hot or cold meters. If each unit has it’s own hot water heater, you can use a single cold water meter to capture all the water entering the unit. If you have a central boiler system, you will need one hot water meter and one cold water meter to capture all the water entering the unit. However your building is designed, we offer an accurate and efficient way to meter the consumption. All of our submetering systems are robust and remotely read. Click here to view our 3/4″ water meter.

Point of Use Solutions

  • Multiple Point of Water Entry Developed specifically for “stacked riser” plumbing configurations, the MLX Point of Use (POU) solution consists of two primary components: the i-meter™ and the Meter Interface Card (MIC). The i-meter™ is installed at each point of use for each appliance in a multi-family unit to reliably and accurately measure water consumption. The system is fully compatible with all wireless meter reading systems. Click here to view our recommended point of use water meter.

Commercial Solutions

  • Our commercial water meters are available in 1-inch, 1.5-inch, and 2-inch sizes and are fully compatible with all wireless meter reading systems. They allow retail or mixed-use properties the ability to accurately and reliably measure water consumption for commercial spaces. Click here to view our commercial water meter.

Equipment Maintenance

We service all major types of submeters and submeter equipment. Our ability to monitor, repair, or replace equipment is unmatched and one of the top reasons why properties switch to UMS billing. In most situations, our metering department can work remotely with the property manager or maintenance personnel to diagnose, repair, or replace any faulty equipment. We monitor the health of your submetering system on a monthly basis and bring meter issues to your attention so that you, and your residents, can have confidence in a fully operation submetering system. No drawn-out, unresolved repair tickets. You work directly with our knowledgeable and responsive metering department for a quick resolution. 

Start billing based on metered usage

If you want to bill residential or retail tenants for metered water usage, UMS has a fully wireless and reliable solution for every building and unique situation. For mixed use properties we can bill retail tenants for metered usage and allocate the delta to the residential tenants to provide an equitable solution for tenants and cost-effective solution for owners. Contact us today to learn more about water submetering and find a solution that works for your building.

Inovonics is an industry leader for submetering equipment, so we’re proud to have the distinction of being named an AuthorizedPlus Partner. That means we have undergone extensive training and testing to validate our expertise in installing and maintaining Inovonics submetering systems.