Gas Submetering

metering tenant gas usage

Gas submetering can be performed using a gas meter to accurately measure the volume of natural gas entering a unit. The gas usage is then multiplied by the provider rate to calculate the amount charged to the tenant for their in-unit usage. Click here to view our gas meter.

    Key Features

      • Compact meters for small footprint
      • Approved for use in every state
      • Meters for commercial use and local building codes
      • Full turnkey install options
      • Full service billing and meter maintenance

    Equipment Maintenance

    We service all major types of submeters and submeter equipment. Our ability to monitor, repair, or replace equipment is unmatched and one of the top reasons why properties switch to UMS billing. Our billing analysts monitor usage each month to identify potential issue proactively and our metering department responds quickly to repair or replace equipment. That means a fully operational submetering system and better recovery for the property.

    Start billing based on metered usage

    If you want to bill residential or retail tenants for metered gas usage, UMS has a fully wireless and reliable solution. For mixed use properties we can bill retail tenants for metered usage and allocate the delta to the residential tenants to provide an equitable solution for tenants and cost-effective solution for owners. Contact us today to learn more about gas submetering and find a solution that works for your building.

    Inovonics is an industry leader for submetering equipment, so we’re proud to have the distinction of being named an AuthorizedPlus Partner. That means we have undergone extensive training and testing to validate our expertise in installing and maintaining Inovonics submetering systems.